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Our mission is to identify, promote and invest in sustainable technologies with life-cycle energy, material and GHG savings of at least 50%.

Our strengths are in:

  • technology assessment;
  • new models for service delivery; and,
  • access to capital.

Low energy prices antipathy to resource conservation and risk aversion have led to many well tested technologies having far lower adoption rates than their economic potential.  The majority of our projects involve realizing the promise of these technologies.

The Green-Erg team first grew interested in energy and resource in the wake of the first oil crises of 1973 and 1980. With 60+ years of experience in uncertain energy prices and unknown technology performance they bring a sanguine approach to technology selection and application in meeting the needs of clients in buildings mining, manufacturing and agriculture.

Many of our clients face the challenge of managing their greenhouse gas emissions. We have over 20 years of climate-change research experience and partner with leading carbon-offset entities like Offsetters Climate Neutral Society,

We evaluate all of our projects on the basis of lifecycle energy use and environmental impacts. If we cannot assure sustainability, it will not be part of our arsenal.

Our approach is to form joint ventures with partners who share our vision and complement our capabilities.

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